Hello community!

Sorry to keep you waiting for so long. We have been working on things which kept us busy from updating the community. Moreover, nonstop working for eight odd months also had its toll on our team member Faf, who is mostly responsible for getting the news across to…

Hello there! This is your friendly neighbourhood Faf again, back in action after missing the writing spirit for a few days! Trust me, on the back-end we are having Infinity Wars, with superheroes like Bitty, Birchy, Tomas and yours truly vs Thanos and his army of innumerable updates!

OK, excuses…

Hello Defiers!

Long time since our last article. So, here are some quick recaps

  • We launched successfully on 18th march for a base price of ~ $0.04 or 4c.
  • We reached ATH of ~ $5.85, an astonishing 14625% growth.
  • Presently the price is stable near $2, still some 5000% from…

Hey guys! Hello and welcome to Defy farm!

Lets first explain this name. What we felt, is, we, especially our financial lives, are tied down by rules set by banks, loan providing authorities, financial regulatory authorities. You need to do exactly what they ask you to do, even to access…

Defy Farm

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