We are excited to announce the official winners of Defy farm Tiktok Competition.

We have received many Tiktok video submissions, among them we have selected best 15 Tiktoks by the end of May. However, by the time when we are finalizing the results, our review team has noticed that few contestants have put their Tiktok videos in private. therefore, we decided to disqualify those submissions from the this competition. When it comes to selecting winners creativity, originality, view count, Number of videos and the overall effort are considered by the team. …

Hello community!

Sorry to keep you waiting for so long. We have been working on things which kept us busy from updating the community. Moreover, nonstop working for eight odd months also had its toll on our team member Faf, who is mostly responsible for getting the news across to the community via different social media platforms. However, good news is, things aren’t stagnant at our end. Au contraire, things are moving pretty well in the positive direction.

Most of you are waiting for a farm on Apeswap but we hate to tell you that it will not happen anytime…

Hey there!

Our most awaited update is finally here! So, what did we do for so long? More than anything else, we worked on our crown jewel, Impermanent Loss Protection.

One of its kind Farmer Insurance, only from DEFY.Farm:

What is Impermanent Loss?
It’s simple to understand really.
Lets say, Defy is priced at $5 today. You buy today and pair it with BUSD and started to farm. However, when you decide to withdraw, the Defy price is, unfortunately, $3.50. Now, your harvested DEFY + your originally bought DEFY cant match your initial investment. This is when you are…

Hey fellow Defiant!

You must be enjoying the the insane APR on our farms while negating the risk of IL (Impermanent Loss) due to the rock-steady price! If not, you are still earning from those more-than-decent returns by just holding DEFY in your wallet.

We previously informed you that we are entering a partner with one of most feature-rich and active DEX on BSC, Ape Swap.

However, The process is a gradual one and they have posed some conditions before we ‘graduate’, qualify.

One of those conditions is, we should have 75% of liquidity on ApeSwap.

However, we pointed out…

Hello there! This is your friendly neighbourhood Faf again, back in action after missing the writing spirit for a few days! Trust me, on the back-end we are having Infinity Wars, with superheroes like Bitty, Birchy, Tomas and yours truly vs Thanos and his army of innumerable updates!

OK, excuses done, now updates! And there are several updates! In fact, there are so much to share that I don’t know how to start! Do people call this ‘problem of plenty’?

Let’s list them in ascending order!

1. Faster, smoother, more secure, more pro looking website!

How many comparative words did…

Hello Defiers!

Long time since our last article. So, here are some quick recaps

  • We launched successfully on 18th march for a base price of ~ $0.04 or 4c.
  • We reached ATH of ~ $5.85, an astonishing 14625% growth.
  • Presently the price is stable near $2, still some 5000% from launch.
  • We have successfully launched our farms, $BNB-$DEFY & $BUSD-$DEFY. Farms are available on https://app.defy.farm/
  • After being a deflationary token, still our farms are presently offering up to 1000% and more. Remember, this is APR, so, this data is not inflated by compounding the returns. …

Hey guys! Hello and welcome to Defy farm!

Lets first explain this name. What we felt, is, we, especially our financial lives, are tied down by rules set by banks, loan providing authorities, financial regulatory authorities. You need to do exactly what they ask you to do, even to access your own money! For example, you keep too much money in the bank, you pay for that (taxes), you keep too little there and you pay again (fines). How you can send money abroad, to your family, love or simply to buy something, is again, determined by them. We say…

Defy Farm

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