DEFY Farm: Updates in a nutshell

Hello Defiers!

Long time since our last article. So, here are some quick recaps

  • We launched successfully on 18th march for a base price of ~ $0.04 or 4c.
  • We reached ATH of ~ $5.85, an astonishing 14625% growth.
  • Presently the price is stable near $2, still some 5000% from launch.
  • We have successfully launched our farms, $BNB-$DEFY & $BUSD-$DEFY. Farms are available on
  • After being a deflationary token, still our farms are presently offering up to 1000% and more. Remember, this is APR, so, this data is not inflated by compounding the returns. If we calculate compounding, APY will shoot drastically.

A BIG NEWS: We also got audited by TechRate, a prominent audit company. They found no issue in our contract. The full audit report is available on our website. Read the report here:

  • We have applied for CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, CryptoCompare, LiveCoinWatch, Dappradar, BSC News and a few other listing services. With us being less than 9 days old, the listings should come live anytime.
  • We have also started working on where our aim is to make interest-free loan against crypto assets to people. We will keep you guys regularly updated on this.
  • We are expanding fast and we require more capital. Interested in joining hands as seed capitalist? Please message us. You will receive a %age of our revenue. In return, we can accelerate our growth.
    If you want your favourite coins as Farms on our site? Please let us know and let them know. We will love to introduce farms of your choice.

That’s all for now! Head over to our social assets to interact with us.

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Discord: TBC

DEFY Farm is a revolutionary concept where we have integrated Farming into a deflationary tokenomics. During every transaction, 10% is deducted from buyer or seller and distributed as, 5% to farmers, 2% to token holders, 2.5% is burnt and 0.5% goes to team and marketing. In V2 and V3, we plan to launch many more features including protection against Impermanent Loss, thus addressing an important issue which has plagued the farming industry since inception.