DEFY V2 Burn and more updates

Hello community!

Sorry to keep you waiting for so long. We have been working on things which kept us busy from updating the community. Moreover, nonstop working for eight odd months also had its toll on our team member Faf, who is mostly responsible for getting the news across to the community via different social media platforms. However, good news is, things aren’t stagnant at our end. Au contraire, things are moving pretty well in the positive direction.

Most of you are waiting for a farm on Apeswap but we hate to tell you that it will not happen anytime soon. We haven’t reached an agreement with Ape yet. We will inform you of the updates regarding this as things move.

Exciting New Game

Now start the great news! We are developing a game where you simply need to be smarter than the average Joe to win! Here is how that will roll.

Everybody will be asked to choose a number between 1–100 with the aim to remain the closest to the average of all the chosen numbers by all the participating players. The closest guess to the actual average will win, the 2nd closest to the actual average will bag the 2nd prize and similarly, the 3rd prize will be awarded. Let’s explain that using digits.

Let’s say, there are 8 participating players, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H.

They choose the following numbers, 11, 59, 37, 02, 26, 63, 44, 25 respectively.

Once the entries are closed, the system calculates the average. In this case, the average is, 33.375.

If you check the entries, C guessed 37 and is the closest to the actual average. Difference = 3.625

E guessed the 2nd closest, 26 and wins the 2nd prize. Difference = 7.375

H bags the 3rd prize. Difference = 8.375.

Now comes the prizes.

Initially, every wallet will be allowed to enter the game only once and it will cost him 5 DEFY to make a pick. All the collected defy will be distributed among the participants in the following manner,

Winner = 50%

2nd Runners up = 25%

3rd Runners up = 10%

Burnt = 10%

Team = 5%

Why is this better than those mindless lotteries?

1. Unlike lottery, this isn’t sheer luck! If you are smart, you will definitely win!

2. Unlike lottery, you don’t need to match anything exactly, you just need to be the closest to the actual result. So, no case of “no winner this week”.

3. This is nothing new, we simply monetized a statistical game which has been used by researchers. So, nothing can go wrong.

Excited? We indeed are. DEFY, keeping true to its tradition, wont copy-paste things, we will keep on delivering newer concepts.

That’s for DEFY.FARM. What happened to DEFY.CREDIT?

It’s very alive and kicking.


Ok, another good news time!

We have decided to burn 53,000 DEFYV2, as per our promise. This is the excess V2 coins left after settling all the reimbursements and as per our initial promise, we will burn these coins. The team keeps none, again as promised.

The burn will take place on 12PM UTC on 12/06/2021 and we will share the transaction hash to our community members to verify.


And here comes the dessert!

We have contacted several promoters and DEFY will go for aggressive promotions from now on. We don’t require to inform you of this because you will come to know about those from the social media platforms itself when the promoters start to promote. Keep checking our announcement channel and you’ll be covered for any new update/promotions going on!


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