The Mother of All Updates

Hello there! This is your friendly neighbourhood Faf again, back in action after missing the writing spirit for a few days! Trust me, on the back-end we are having Infinity Wars, with superheroes like Bitty, Birchy, Tomas and yours truly vs Thanos and his army of innumerable updates!

OK, excuses done, now updates! And there are several updates! In fact, there are so much to share that I don’t know how to start! Do people call this ‘problem of plenty’?

Let’s list them in ascending order!

1. Faster, smoother, more secure, more pro looking website!

How many comparative words did we use there?! OK, so, in short, we have completely revamped the website.

  • We have moved to a much better server. This should make load at least 3x faster.
  • We have worked around the edges to make the site free from glitches.
  • Important: We improved the website code to keep us safe from malicious attacks. We have patched all the hatches and latched it securely.
  • We have changed the website design to a great extent, making it look more professional. Now, looking at the site, you can say, ‘these guys mean business’.

2. The most versatile DeFi dashboard is now open to all DEFY holders.

Yep. THE MOST VERSATILE dashboard. We know what we are saying. Or else, find us a dashboard of an upstart project where you can do these things from one single interface.

  1. Trade: Buy/Sell $DEFY directly form the dashboard.
  2. Liquidity: Supply/Dissolve LP from the dashboard.
  3. Farm: Stake/Unstake/Harvest from the dashboard.
  4. Charts: Check $DEFY charts from the dashboard.
  5. DEFY Eco Stats: Check all the required stats of DEFY project from the dashboard.
  6. Personal Stats: Check all the $DEFY related stats of the connected wallet from the dashboard.

Come on! Won’t you pat our back? Buy us a round when we finally meet! Or, get a $DEFY tattoo like our sincere member Jesse promised to have?

I can foresee using my Jedi vision, “Not a long time later, in a group far far away from $DEFY” a member asking their dev, could we please have a dashboard like $DEFY?

Oh man! Let us all bask in the glory for a while!

3. Partnership with ApeSwap, your favourite BANANA farm!

You know ApeSwap, right? If you havent Aped, in either sense, you should! We just made it to their list of preferred projects and have been included in their BUIDL program.

What we get from this partnership?

  1. Eligible for an ApeSwap Farm rewarding in $BANANA 🍌
  2. $5,000 to $20,000 to be used for collaborative marketing and business development 💰
  3. A kickback of your trading fees generated 📈
  4. Official marketing support from ApeSwap 🚀
  5. Reimbursement of $5,000 on your audit expense 🛡
  6. Two official ApeSwap Non Fungible Ape’s — one for your team and one for a random community member (first 25 graduates) 🐵
  7. Eligible for a free trading competition and other partnership and collaboration opportunities with the ApeSwap core team 🥳
  8. Continued direct contact with one of our apes. Have any questions? Need a recommendation? We are always here to help our BUIDL partners ❤️
  9. Access to our BUIDL network, where we get you connected to all of our top BUIDL projects and help to ensure you secure those partnerships 🤝

Read this for even greater details:

Now, we can’t be ungrateful to such a generous mate, could we!

What are we offering in return?

  • $DEFY is moving focus from PancakeSwap to ApeSwap, as our preferred exchange for both Trading and Farming.
  • We are introducing two ApeSwap farms, DEFY-BNB and DEFY-BUSD.
  • Both of these farms will have double $DEFY rewards compared to existing DEFY-BNB and DEFY-BUSD farms.
  • You can trade on Apeswap and create Apeswap LP directly from our dashboard.

Clarification: The existing farms will continue to work. You can trade and add/remove liquidity on Pancakeswap like before. However, we strongly recommend that you switch to ApeSwap even if you lose some $DEFY in this process. The higher rewards will soon compensate for your losses.