Winners of DefyFarm TikTok Competition.

We are excited to announce the official winners of Defy farm Tiktok Competition.

We have received many Tiktok video submissions, among them we have selected best 15 Tiktoks by the end of May. However, by the time when we are finalizing the results, our review team has noticed that few contestants have put their Tiktok videos in private. therefore, we decided to disqualify those submissions from the this competition. When it comes to selecting winners creativity, originality, view count, Number of videos and the overall effort are considered by the team. In addition to that all the Low Quality and low effort Tiktoks were omitted from the selection.

The Final winners Tiktok IDs are as follows,


All the winners will receive their prize to the BEP20 address that they submitted.

Winning Prizes will be paid as BANANA Tokens with the collaboration of ApeSwap.